Market Opportunities


  • Obesity prevalence has nearly tripled since 1975 and today is pandemic
    • Affecting one third of the world population
    • Responsible for more than 10% of US health care costs
    • In 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight; of these over 650 million were obese
  • The Economic burden of obesity is large:
  • Current medical treatments:
    • have poor benefit-to-risk profiles with unpleasant side effects
    • fail to achieve long-term therapeutic results
    • do not meet patients’ expectations
    • often are not covered by health  insurance plans
  • The US Weight Loss and Diet Control market was worth $66 Billion in 2017
  • A safe and effective (>10% weight loss) drug should garner up to $20 Billion in annual revenues


  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) affects 25% of the global adult population with a range from 13.5% in Africa to 31.8% in the Middle East.
    • Lifetime costs of all NASH patients in the United States in 2017 will be $222.6 billion, and the cost of the advanced NASH population will be $95.4 billion.
  • NAFLD prevalence can be inferred from the prevalence of obesity and diabetes
  • Prevalence of liver steatosis is 76% in obese patients
  • There is currently no approved drug for NAFLD/NASH
  • The NASH market is expected to reach $21 billion globally, by 2025 (

Investment Highlights

  • Target Fat Accumulation and related Metabolic Diseases with high unmet medical needs: The Obesity and Diabetes (Diabesity) and Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) pandemics
  • Focus on Oligonucleotide Therapeutics (ONTs) microRNA analogs which increase lipid oxidation, insulin sensitivity, mitochondrial activity and energy expenditure
  • Convenient self-local administration of drug to increase compliance

Target Product Profile

  • Convenient regimen (monthly local administrations by subject: self-injection under the abdomen skin). Transdermal patches or microneedles are also tested
    • Better patient compliance and persistence with therapy
    • Expected weight loss > 10% meeting patient expectations
    • Improvement of T2DM, NAFLD/NASH and circulating cholesterol
    • No requirement for lifestyle changes
    • No expected cardiovascular and intestinal adverse events
    • Unaltered brain functions
    • No expected drug interactions
    • Better quality of life


  • AptamiR successfully completed three rounds of Angels Financing and a Series A, raising a total of $7,000,000.
  • AptamiR is now seeking to raise tranches of a $15-20M Series B financing while concurrently evaluating geographic licensing opportunities and strategic partnerships.
  • Upcoming AptamiR Milestones

Activities during the next 3 years:

Pre- Clinical Activities:

  • Selection of second generation of Oligonucleotide Therapeutic (ONTs) Molecules targeting miRNA-22 and miRNA-515 in primary cultures of human adipocytes
    • Efficacy studies in mouse models of DIO, T2DM and NAFLD/NASH
    • Acute and chronic toxicology studies in mice and monkeys

Regulatory Activities:

  • Submission of pre-IND and IND dossiers

Clinical Activities:

  • Phase 1 Clinical studies of antagomirs and agomirs in cohorts of  patients with obesity, diabesity and/or NAFLD


Please contact us regarding interest in business development, licensing and collaboration opportunities: