• AptamiR successfully completed three rounds of Angels Financing and a Series A, raising a total of $7,000,000.
  • AptamiR is now seeking to raise tranches of a $15-20M Series B financing while concurrently evaluating geographic licensing opportunities and strategic partnerships.
  • Upcoming AptamiR Milestones

Activities during the next 3 years:

Pre- Clinical Activities:

  • Selection of second generation of Oligonucleotide Therapeutic (ONTs) Molecules targeting miRNA-22 and miRNA-515 in primary cultures of human adipocytes
    • Efficacy studies in mouse models of DIO, T2DM and NAFLD/NASH
    • Acute and chronic toxicology studies in mice and monkeys

Regulatory Activities:

  • Submission of pre-IND and IND dossiers

Clinical Activities:

  • Phase 1 Clinical studies of antagomirs and agomirs in cohorts of  patients with obesity, diabesity and/or NAFLD