Intellectual Property

AptamiR protects and expands its Intellectual Property (IP) with a portfolio of pending patent applications and issued patents as well as what is afforded by the various trademark, copyright, and trade secret laws.

  • US Patents 9,034,839 B2, 9,453,224 B2 and 9,803,203 on “MicroRNA modulators of thermogenesis” issued in 2015-2017
  • US Patent 2015-0216892-A1 on “Cell-specific delivery of miRNA modulators for the treatment of obesity and related disorders” published in 2015
  • Patent WO2017/187426 A1 on “Inhibition of miR-22 miRNA by APT-110” published in 2017
  • Patents on “Metabolic benefits of short miR-22 miRNA antagomirs therapies” and “Targeted delivery of therapeutic agents to human adipocytes” filed in 2018