Program Development

AptamiR’s distinctive model of virtual, outsourced, and cost-effective drug research and development has resulted in the achievement of several proof of concept milestones after just two years of operations:

  • In silico screening and selection of microRNAs regulating lipid metabolism and thermogenesis
  • In vitro validation of microRNA candidates in primary cultures of human adipocytes (clinical trial in a dish)
  • In vivo reduction of weight gain and fat mass by treatment with microRNA modulators in a mouse model of diet-induced obesity with improvement of metabolic parameters.
  • Filing of several provisional patent applications covering the use of microRNA modulators to treat obesity and related conditions.
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legend-circle lean diet control
legend-square saline control + high-fat diet
legend-triangle anti-m iR + high fat diet

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Anti-miR from AptamiR lead program improves metabolic parameters in mouse model of diet-induced obesity. C57Bl/6 mice established on high-fat diet for 7 weeks were treated with anti-miR or saline control for an additional 8 weeks. Lean diet control group was switched to a low-fat diet during the treatment period.